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Madeira Island


Green Pearl Of the Atlantic

Madeira has a large variety of unique attractions besides its luxurious blue sky and sea views, its imposing valleys and mountains where the vegetation shows a lavish diversity. The island is famous for its Madeira wine, embroidery, 'Bolo de mel', exotic flowers, tropical fruits, stunning landscapes and spectacular fireworks on New Year's Eve. Add the mild climate here, and it is easy to understand why this 'Green Pearl Of the Atlantic' has become the destination of choice for most travelers in the world.

Madeira Island is also our home and we are very proud of it. The island offers a serene and healthy lifestyle that forms the basis of our philosophy and focus on natural beauty and well-being. From panoramic landscapes and iconic landmarks to beautiful valleys and charming villages, the Island is a treasure trove of stunning scenery. We have hand-picked a few of our favorite Island gems to share with you.


Your DMC partner in Madeira Island, Portugal

Legendary Travel DMC Madeira is a Destination Management Company (DMC) based in Madeira Island, specialized in the organization and coordination of tour packages, guided walks, thematic tours and tailor made programs across Madeira archipelago for groups and individuals.

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Luís de Camões Centre

The Luís de Camões Centre exist to and for social inclusion. It’s mission is to help, create and inovate for the construcion of a more active and inclusive citizenship. It is through the continuous appreciation of people and their conquests that our work is developed, counting with the support of many partnerships and volunteers.

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