Diving and Snorkeling Madeira

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There are excellent areas for diving and snorkeling on Madeira. Did you know that the Garajau area is declared the first and only Marine Reserve in Portugal? It is part of Madeira´s Natural Reserve, with the Laurissilva forest, the Deserted Islands and Selvage Islands.

The diving conditions are good nearly all year round (with a water temperature of 17-24 ºC). Divers will find irresistible attractions, such as excellent visibility, a sunk ship turned into a coral reef and various curious and friendly animals. Entering this different universe is a unique experience, due to the colors and hidden treasures. There is a corridor for migratory and species of mild and tropical climates, as well as species with continental affinity, giving rise to very special and interesting ecological phenomena.

Due to the heavy sand that is mixed with broken sea shells, the sand clouds need less time to settle, even on days with hard current. Don´t forget to look up and around you (the water is crystal clear), because otherwise you maybe would miss a turtle, barracuda school or manta ray passing by!Diving Madeira

Why not fulfill your long lasting dream and get your diving license during the holidays? No matter if it is your first underwater experience or if you are an experienced diver, Madeira´s waters offer special views on each level.

Snorkeling can be done during summertime from a boat, combining a relaxing boat trip with a beautiful view of the island. Most of the times you also will see dolphins and maybe even whales during this trip! If you do not have sea legs, than a good alternative are the various Lido-complexes in Funchal and Caniço, and also several hotels have direct access to the sea.

So add an extra dimension to your holiday, and return home with extra special memories. Visit also our Diving page.


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