Missas do Parto (The Childbirth Masses)

Nine days before Christmas (16th till 24th of December), in almost all parishes of the Diocese of Funchal is the celebrated "Missas do Parto" (Masses of childbirth), a religious heritage that is experienced by the parish communities, through songs and events. Despite a tradition of being secular, the "Childbirth Masses" is still one of the…
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Bolo de Mel

(1 min read) Did you know that the Bolo de Mel (honey cake) traditionally was the Christmas cake of Madeira? Many families made the cake at the 8th of December (Nossa Senhora da Conceiçao) and it also is considered as the oldest dessert of Madeira.

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Winston Churchill

(2 min read) Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, a nature lover, visited Madeira Island not only because of his landscape, the flowers, the beautiful scenes for his paintings, but also to recover from the fatigue and illness which he started to suffer in those days.

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