50 Shades of Green

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The island of Madeira has many nicknames, such as the flower island, the island of eternal spring or the Pearl in the Atlantic… When I think of Madeira, I think of 50 Shades of Green… Don´t worry, not in a kinky way but because of the beauty of its nature!

Funchal is a very green city, with lots of parks and gardens. Why not take the cable car up to Monte and visit the Tropical Garden in Monte? Do not forget to walk in the public gardens, very beautiful and no entrance fee admitted!

The Botanical Garden is a must see for everybody who is interested in all the endemic plants of Madeira. Easy to reach from Funchal by public bus or from Monte by cable car.

The Municipal Garden is a real oasis in the middle of Funchal, the moment you walk into the garden you will forget about all the street noise. Overlooking the harbour you will find Parque Santa Catarina (Saint Catharine´s park), with the oldest chapel of the island. Christopher Columbus will keep you company when you are enjoying the few and look out to the Deserted islands, rising up in the distance.

Parque Santa Catarina

But also outside Funchal there is so much more explore. Did you know that the plants help you to see at what height level you are? Bananas grow up to 400 meters, when you see wine grapes you know you are in between 400 – 600 meters and above that the pine trees start growing.



No matter how many times I have been there before, but every time when I am driving through the valley from Ribeira Brava to São Vicente it takes my breath away due to it´s impressive prove of the power of nature. I stopped counting all the different shades of green, how many can you see???Madeira Island view - travel


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