Gardens and Parks of Madeira Island

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Madeira is well known for its gardens and parks with a great diversity of flowers, plants and trees. You will find them all over the island, and the ones in Funchal demonstrates very well how nature can exist right at the middle of a city’s cosmopolitanism. We cannot mention every garden, but hereby some tips.

In Funchal you can visit  Saint Catherine Park free of charge. Walk along the winding paths and enjoy the view over the city and the harbor. Here you also will find a statue of Christopher Columbus and the oldest chapel of the island.

Parque de Sta Catarina Funchal Madeira

Parque de Sta Catarina - Photo: Francisco Correia


The municipal garden is an oasis in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city center.

The Blandy Garden, also known as Palheiro Gardens, is mentioned in the top 10 of the world´s most beautiful private gardens. Located on the outskirts of Funchal you can visit the garden as part of an excursion or you can visit it by yourself.

Palheiro Estate Gardens Madeira

Palheiro Estate Gardens - Photo: GregSnell

Palheiro Estate Gardens Funchal Madeira

Palheiro Estate Gardens - Photo: GregSnell

Just above Funchal center is the Monte Palace Tropical Garden located. The cable car will take you uphill from the promenade and the cable car station is conveniently next to the garden entrance.

Monte Palace Gardens Funchal Madeira

Monte Palace Gardens - Photo: GregSnell


Monte Palace Gardens Funchal Madeira

Monte Palace Gardens - Photo: GregSnell

For the ones who would like to know more about all the endemic species of Madeira, a visit to the Botanical Garden should not be missed. There is a cable car connection between Monte and the Botanical garden, but you also can take the local bus from the promenade in Funchal.

Botanical Gardens Funchal Madeira

Botanical Gardens- Photo: Associação de Promoção da Madeira

While you are exploring the island you cannot miss the lush flower arrangements in front of many houses, showing the outcome of the combination between the fantastic climate and fertile soils.

Depending of the time of the year you will see different types of flowers, because each season shows its own beauty. Enjoy your stay on this ´floating garden´!


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