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Bolo de Mel

(1 min read) Did you know that the Bolo de Mel (honey cake) traditionally was the Christmas cake of Madeira? Many families made the cake at the 8th of December (Nossa Senhora da Conceiçao) and it also is considered as the oldest dessert of Madeira.

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Christmas light decorations Madeira

(2 min read) Many streets are decorated with Christmas light decorations, in various ways. Each year it is a surprise to see which decorations are newly designed and it is always a pleasure to see old ´friends´ again.

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Where the *heaven* is Madeira?

Madeira island is located 967 km south west of Lisbon. The African coastline is closer by: about 700 km directly west of Casablanca, Morocco. The Canary Islands are the closest by: around 450 km to the south way and to reach the Azores from Madeira you must travel 965 km to the north west.

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Micro-climates within a micro-climate

(2 min read) The Madeira archipelago is known for its mild sub-tropical climate. The island has a very diverse landscape with 50% of the island being above 700m. This results in the rise to various micro-climates within a micro-climate.

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