Luís de Camões Centre

Luís de Camões Centre (CLC), inaugurated in 1992, exists for social inclusion. It provides services to a needier community of the São Pedro civil parish in order to combat social exclusion, intervening in the economic, social, professional and cultural life of the population.

Luís de Camões CentreFounded on the values of the aid, fairness and social cohesion, citizenship and social responsibility, the CLC provides direct and indirect aid, conducts forwards and seeks to give and be the Social Response.

"We exist for social inclusion".

CLC mission is to help, create and innovate by building a more active and inclusive citizenship, with the support of several partners and volunteers.

CLC general objectives are to raise the interest of the population for the social and recreational activities; motivate the community in the improvement of living conditions; strengthen synergies in the network of partners; and provide spaces for citizenship and nurture the ability to be autodidact in the daily life.

Most of their support is provided to the population of the civil parish São Pedro, but their doors are also open to the entire community of Madeira island.


  • Jardim dos Ilhéus Community Centre: Founded in 28th April, 2006, covers about 141 families; 441 people of all ages.
  • Elderly Day Care Centre of São Pedro: Inaugurated in 27th September, 1999, has as main objective to improve the life quality of its usuries (elderly people resident in the São Pedro civil parish); promoting coexistence, interaction and affection, preventing loneliness.
  • Food distribution (with the support of the Food Bank)
  • Clothing distribution
  • Psychosocial monitoring: Psychosocial care with systematic and personalized monitoring of usuries and families who are in social vulnerability situations.
  • Proximity Services: Ensures the care of elderly people when they can not run temporarily or permanently the daily-life activities, due to deficiency diseases or other impediments.
  • Cognitive Stimulation Plan "Memory with Life": Aims to stimulate the mental and emotional life of the elderly people. Taking into account the individuality of each participant, this program enriches the cognitive and social skills.
  • Social Support Service: Seeks to respond to the need of Porto Santo island usuries in their stay in Funchal city to solve health, family or personal problems.
  • Employment in Action: Helps in the active job search.
  • EIT -Space of Technical mutual aid: Provides support for reduced mobility people and support to textbooks and children books.
  • Teen Space: Psychosocial support space for teenagers.



  • Continuously extend the support to more municipalities in Madeira;
  • Improving Community Centre facilities;
  • Implement the project "Our Garden-Transformation of spaces, transforming lives";
  • Increase the number of participants in the "Memory with Life" project.