Atlantic Festival Madeira

From one festival (Madeira Flower Festival) we make the move to the next event in the summer, namely the Atlantic Festival. It is a wonderful event driven by the beautiful fire dance that crosses the sky of Funchal in an artistic form. This festival fills the entire city of Funchal with color on the four Saturdays of June (8, 15, 22 and 29).

It is the combination of fireworks and music that makes this experience even more exciting. For about twenty amazing minutes, you feel the urge to return to Madeira as soon as possible on New Year's Eve, when the show gets a much bigger size.

Looking at the magic in the sky by the sea, you will feel it is time to relax and enjoy.

Experience with us live that wonderful experience that allows you to be in contact with all 4 elements - earth, air, water and fire!

Map of Funchal including location Piromusical show
Map of Funchal including location Piromusical show

Here is a video introduction of the Atlantic Festival.

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