Beaches that you will not find elsewhere!

With its mild climate all year, Madeira is the ideal place for a weekend where you can enjoy swimming or go for a stroll on the beach. Moreover, this fabulous archipelago of Portugal has beaches with surprising scenery, mixing mountain and turquoise water, it is what makes its charm.

One of the wonders of Madeira is surely the natural pools of Porto Moniz. These rocks formed by the lava let in the sea water to form a sublime swimming pool facing the ocean! If you go in low season, the affluence is less and you can find yourself alone in this incredible nature.

Another paradise of Madeira, Alagoa beach. Located at the foot of the "Eagle Rock", its waves are energetic and send powerful rollers, making it a spot famous for surfers around the world. On its gray sand you will be able to contemplate this big mountain which overhangs the sea and at that moment you will have the impression that the time stopped!

White sand as far as the eye can see, turquoise water and divine nature in the background ... No you are not in the Caribbean but on the beach of Porto Santo! Little known before, it is today one of the most appreciated by tourists and seeing the beauty of the landscape, we understand why. Do not hesitate to walk along the beach because the more you go, the more beautiful the landscape.

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