Madeira Natures Flower Festival

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Preparations are taking place in Funchal (Madeira) for the Flower Festival event, that will start on Thursday 4th of May and ends on Sunday 21st of May. The goal of the event is to honor each year springtime and crown her as the beautiful queen she is to us all. Funchal city will be the setting for a truly sumptuous spectacle, by exhibiting and perfuming the air of each corner and street with a multiplicity of floral species.

Also gathering thousands of children dressed in the appropriate fashion and having them flock to the Praça do Município to take part in the building of a mural of flowers - the Wall of Hope.

But the island itself already has started early this year with its own preparations. Nature has its own agenda and (luckily) does not wait for human beings. Flowers are already having their debut in the natural environment throughout the region.

Madeira Flowers

The Portuguese quite often refer to this island as “Ilha Jardim” (Garden Island), because it is famous for its beautiful flowers and the variety of green plant species. There are about 760 plant species registered on the island belonging to 112 plant families. However 20% of all that beauty is native (endemic).

All year round, in both public and private gardens, house yards, at the sides of the streets and roads, in the lush nature, you can treat your eyes with the colours of Madeira flowers.

Madeira Flowers

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