Madeira … Walk up the isle

According to Adhamhnan O'Sullivan in the there is one thing that Madeira lacks of ... and that is flatness.

If you decide to make Madeira your holiday destination, be assured you will be following in famous footsteps. One of the more regular trippers was Winston Churchill who first visited in 1899 on his way to cover the Boer War and returned to engage in his passion for painting. At one stage of his life Churchill declared that when he made it to Heaven, "I mean to spend a considerable portion of my first million years in painting, and so get to the bottom of the subject."

The weather on the south side close to Funchal provides sunnier and drier days than the rest of the island, but visitors should avail of a bus or taxi trip, or take a car (if you feel brave enough) to the west and north west and ensure that the journey crosses the plateau that is the roof of Madeira. There are times when you think that you have reached the summit of the winding corniche roads, only to turn a hairpin bend and find that the road goes on, and up, and on.

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