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People who lives (or visits) the Madeira Islands will notice that it has an extraordinary climate. The island shows several (large) microclimates thanks to its orography, its geographical location and the kaleidoscopic effect of the mountains and Atlantic Ocean. Here on the island of Madeira Mother Nature plays with the weather ... dividing it into two (even three) regions: south/west coast gets to be subtropical warm most of the time, the north tends to be more wet and moist, east receives most winds. So ... driving through Madeira you might experience some winds in Caniço area, ... warm/sunny day in Funchal ... all the way to Ponta do Sol .... clouds in the north of the island .... and clear blue sky on Paul da Serra.

The weather salsa of Madeira has a very mild climate taste. Average land temperature of 22ºC in the summer and 16ºC in the winter, sea water enjoys similar temperatures thanks to the influence of the warm Gulf Stream. My experience till now with the rain falls here .... is that most of it takes place during the first two-three months of the year (winter period).


    • is the average height of land, measured in geopotential meters, over a certain domain.


    is a local external atmospheric zone where the climate differs from the surrounding area.

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