Noite do Mercado – Madeira Christmas Night Market

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Noite do Mercado (Night of the Market) is the traditional Madeira Christmas celebration in Funchal that will take place on December 23rd and will last all night long. The location of this event will take place in the famous Funchal market (Mercado dos Lavradores) and the streets surrounding the market. It will be crowded with joyful people creating a real festive happening .... with lots of singing Christmas carols, dancing, drinking and having fun.

The bars in the area are opened all night and will be serving traditional drinks. Also the Christmas traditional carne vinho alhos (pork meat seasoned with wine and garlic) sandwiches will go from hand to the mouth. Also present is a vast display of regional fruit and vegetable being sold ... handy for those who want to do a last minute grocery shopping.

At midnight on 23rd December, all people gather in the Farmers Market, to sing the songs of Christmas, which is also televised by RTP Madeira, the local TV station. It is a night full of joy and conviviality among family and friends.

The Noite do Mercado is the event of excellence for socializing and demonstration of the true Christmas spirit here in Madeira.

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