Pico do Arieiro

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With its altitude of 1818 meters is the Pico do Arieiro the third highest peak on the island. From there you can walk towards Pico Ruivo (1862 meters) which is the highest peak on the Madeira Islands.

You can reach Pico do Arieiro by car. There is easy road access to the summit, with a large car park, a restaurant and souvenir shop. In 2011, an Air Defence Radar Station was built at the top of the mountain near the tourist facilities.

The views are spectacular up here and in case of very good weather, it is even possible to see the island of Porto Santo, which is situated 30 nautical miles to the north.

It is in the Pico do Arieiro that begins one of the most spectacular trails (PR1 - Vereda do Arieiro), that leads to the Pico Ruivo. This route has a length of about 7 km, where you will be walking through cliffs, steep slopes and some tunnels. During the course you will be able to observe different types of realities, from wild vegetation to rocky landscapes at high altitude, as well as views towards the lower elevations. It is advisable to take some precautions and we strongly advise you to take lanterns and appropriate footwear/clothing.

If you would rather not to do the whole trail then it is also possible to stop at Miradouro Ninho da Manta, located on a small half hour of the summit.

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