Ponta do Sol

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Ponta do Sol is said to be the Madeira sunniest and hottest spots of the island. Hence the name "Ponta do Sol" which means "Point of the Sun" in English.

Ponta do Sol is located between Ribeira Brava and Calheta, on the southwest coast of Madeira. Coming from Funchal just follow the high-way all the way to Ribeira Brava and then take the next tunnel that goes to Lugar de Baixo.

The municipality and small beach front is shoe-horned at the bottom of a steep valley, the valley walls are overhung with banana plantations and new homes.

The center of Ponta do Sol was a characteristic fishing village in the past. Now the village of Ponta do Sol has renewed its face in a more creative way. Various urban art interventions are carried out in events such as "Festival Here Acolá", creating airy environment, where art is combined with the preservation of heritage and collective memory.

Bordados, floral motifs and folklore are some of the themes scattered around the streets of the historic center. Often local events and feasts take place on the streets using these displays of tradition and aesthetics as background for entertainment and musical experiences.

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