Pretty, truly authentic cities

Located in the north of Madeira, the pretty little town of Porto Da Cruz will make you completely crack. The small white houses adorned with roses on their facades, its narrow streets in zigzag ... A real postcard decor will be presented to you. There, traditional cuisine is put in the spotlight in all the small restaurants of the city, so you can taste typical specialties of Madeira. But this village is also known for its renowned wine production around the world. So go to the discovery of this pretty little town.

For many tourists, the first key stage of Madeira is its capital: Funchal. Arriving by the ocean, the houses seem to cling to the cliff and around the green dominates: flower gardens, terraces maintained ... The capital has an invaluable seal! You can find one of the most beautiful tropical gardens in the world that of Monte Palace, the time of an afternoon you will be transported in the tropical jungle. Take a little more height to see the city differently thanks to its cable car. Open your eyes, the show will be beautiful!

Small harbor, colorful boats ... Welcome to Camara De Lobos. This small fishing village is very popular for its beautiful bay that once inspired many painters. True cradle of fishing, here we love fish and we put it in the spotlight in restaurants, especially black swordfish which is the specialty of Madeira. If you go up to Pico Da Torre you can have a wonderful view of the city or the banana fields. Camara De Lobos is often the emblem of Madeira's postcards and we know why by seeing landscapes of dreams.

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