Re-energize in the heart of an incredible nature

In Madeira you will find dream beaches yes, but it is also all the nature that is impressive! You can then enjoy a real homecoming, relax in these soothing landscapes that will give you the impression of being alone in the world.

If you are an adventurer at heart you will love the walk linking the Pica Ariero to Pico Ruivo. This hike will give you the impression of walking above the clouds. The paths are rather steep and the walk is dense but by observing the landscape which will be held in front of you, you will quickly forget the difficulty that it imposes.

At the far east of Madeira is Sao Lourenço, which is simply UNIQUE! During this long walk you will have the impression to go to the other end of the world! The red and ocher cliffs give a special charm to this place. Small beaches are accessible if the desire to refresh you takes you. These small coves will be an opportunity to take a break in out-of-the-ordinary places.

Finally, if Madeira has volcanic landscapes, the archipelago has many forests! Listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, the Laurifère forest is an exceptional remnant of the island! One of the few remaining Laurel forests in the world. 90% primary, its vegetation is simply unique and it contains species that you can find in this place. Dark atmosphere, dense nature, mist … One might think that the forest is enchanted. And even if it is not, its landscape is still magical.

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