Winston Churchill

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Winston Churchill is one of the many great names the island of Madeira had the honour to have as a visitor. Other visitors we can recall are Empress Sissi of Austria, Emperor Karl I of Austria - Karl von Hapsburg (also known as Charles IV of Hungary), or George Bernard Shaw and so on.

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, a nature lover, visited the island not only for its landscape, the flowers, the beautiful scenes for his paintings, ... but also to recuperate from the fatigue and illness that he started to surfer those days.

Accompanied by his wife Clementine and his daughter Diana, Churchill arrived in Funchal aboard the liner, The Durban Castle, on the 2nd of January 1950. They stayed at the Reid's Hotel. Churchill worked on his war memoirs and was impressed with the various landscapes Madeira had to offer (and still offers) such as Camâra de Lobos, where he painted various pictorial images of the village.

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