Bolo do Caco

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In many restaurants in Madeira you will find ´Bolo do Caco´ as a starter on the menu. It is a traditional type of bread, made with sweet potato and has a flat and circular shape (like a cake) and is therefore called ´bolo´ (Portuguese for cake). Traditionally it is cooked on a flat basalt stone slab, a ´caco´. Usually the bread is served with garlic butter.

It also can be eaten as a sandwich, for example with octopus, tuna, chicken or ´espetada´ (beef cubes, grilled on a skewer).

And Bolo do Caco is often used in a ´prego´, a steak sandwich. This can be served in various ways, sometimes with cheese and ham, and sometimes also with salad and sliced tomatoes. ´Prego´ means nail in Portuguese, and the name of this dish is related to the fact that the steak will be flattened with a ´hammer´ to make the meat more tender.

If the menu says ´prego especial´ than there is also a fried egg added. Enough to keep you going until dinner time...

Bon apetit!


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