Health & Wellness in Madeira

Madeira archipelago is the ideal place to renew your energy. It is in this landscape of contrasts, that we invite you to indulge yourself in a rejuvenating programme. Madeira is becoming more and more a destination for health and wellness seekers.

Interesting historical fact: in the past the island was visited by internationally known names with the main objective to improve their health or to heal, such as the Princess Maria Amelia, Empress Elizabeth of Austria, better known as Sissi, and Empress Carlota of Mexico.

Thanks to the mild climate, clear blue waters, the natural beauty, one can take advantage and find the balance between body and mind.

Long ago, the inhabitants of Madeira learned to benefit from the island natural properties. Since then most hotels offer relaxing massages, body and soul revitalization and wine therapy.

On Porto Santo island you can enjoy the Psamotherapy and the Thalassotherapy treatments. The spas are ideal located and very well looked after. Their ambiance inspires peace, delicacy and balance. As a therapeutic means, in the Psamotherapy hot sands are used and in the Thalassotherapy, sea water. The therapeutic benefits of the Porto Santo island have long been known.

Psammotherapy Porto Santo Madeira

Most of the spas can found in hotels and have an excellent modern infrastructure. Together with several hotel services, we offer a new range of health retreat and wellness programs with special conditions. The teams and the treatments are very professional and are often inspired by the natural materials from the island, such as Madeira wine, honey or even certain vegetation.

Pamper yourself, enjoy unforgettable moments and spa experiences with innovative programs, that will give you the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, preventing disease and enhance life quality.

A very good option is to compose a programme with the treatments you would like to have and/or can benefit form. The list of treatments available here on Madeira and Porto Santo island is very long, but we can help you with that.

Contact us for more information or reservations. Or if you, send us your needs and goals and we will be happy to send you a tailor made programme proposal that best suits you.

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