It’s Legendary – Madeira video

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Madeira Island is more than just beautiful views, clear blue skies and the turquoise sea. The island exudes an unseen mysterious energy that affects everyone who sets foot on this Portuguese soil. However only those who have a pure heart are the ones who will notice this influence from the island immediately. Those who live a life full of stress, disappointments, sadness and negativity ... they will have to abide it when they visit Madeira.

A visual testimony of this has been captured in a video-format by Jono Renton. The video is called "A Trip to Madeira" that, in combination with a wonderful piano music, show us the beauty our island has to offer. Now, imagine yourself walking, standing and lying on the places that were filmed in this beautiful video. Only problem is that you will not feel it if you are not physically present here yourself.

So come experience Madeira and we can guarantee ... you will believe us if we say "it's legendary!".

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