25 Fontes Falls

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The cascade of 25 Fontes (25 fountains) is a group of waterfalls located on the Serrado site of the parish Ribeira da Janela, near the town of Porto Moniz, Madeira Island.

This cascade descends from the top of 30 meters in height forming a varied set of waterfalls / springs that go down the rocks covered with small plants and lichens to end in a pond.

Its location can be considered the heart of the Madeiran Laurissilva forest (Laurel forest) which is classified as a Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO (since December 1999) and is part of the European network of important community sites - Natura 2000. Visitors are encircled by the primitive forest of the Laurissilva of Madeira Island. Its surroundings emit an soothing energy and making humans to bath their senses in the sounds, sights and air of the forest.

We organize guided (Levada) walks to this location, namely the Rabaçal - Risco - 25 Fontes Levada Walk, which is a full day activity that takes place on Tuesday & Thursday. During this walk visitors will learn about the history behind the impressive Levadas, which were constructed in the 19th century to bring water to the people of the island. Walkers will accompany the water-flow and see how water is still transported by this unique method to the south side of the island.

Video of the lagoon at 25 Fontes Falls made by Luboš Souček

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